Mike Carter graduated from Clemson in 1961. He got married in 1960 and they had a child in 1961. He stayed at Clemson to earn a Masters in Water Resources Engineering, receiving a Public Health Service  fellowship which would paid $310 per month plus tuition and books.  After graduation, he went into the army at Edgewood Arsenal for two years and then switched his commission to the PHS and was stationed in Charlottesville.  He then transferred to Montgomery with the PHS (which later became the FWPCA, then the FWQA, and was then merged into EPA).  From Montgomery, he moved to Atlanta for two years, then Naples, Florida for three years, and, in 1973, to Athens where he retired.  His wife is Shirley. His son Chris is a US Army captain and his daughter is Dede Holt. His address now is 4023 Colham Ferry Road, Watkinsville, GA 30677. MikeSESD at aol.com