Larry Mabry (1942-1999).


After graduating from Sewanee in 1964, Larry turned down a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship to join the Air Force where he served as a communication officer. He married Mariana, an  Agnes Scott graduate, in 1967.  Both spoke spoke French. He then got a law degree from Texas and joined Shearman & Sterling, a big Wall Street firm. They lived in Paris two years and then Abu Dabai for the law firm. He also learned German. He returned to the States to Shearman and Sterling, but tired of the commute to New York City so he joined a firm in San Francisco. After a time he went to DC and then to Dallas, where he died. His son Alex also became a lawyer. He is married to Alison Bond Mabry. His daughter Kamaria Wolf (nee Anamaria Mabry) graduated from Wellesley and eventually married  Osama Hamzeh,a Syrian. They have two sons, Ghassen and Farris. Chris, the youngest, works with computers and married Skyleen Adini-diin Clashin, a Native American, in 2006. His widow currently lives in the south of France, an area they both loved.

Larry had suffered from Bright's Disease in high school, and eventually lost his kidneys. A kidney transplant failed after a year. In September, 1999, he died suddenly from a Staphylococcus infection. He had been on home dialysis.

This Web site for the Class of 1960 is done to honor him.

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