High School

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Photos taken in September, 2001


For those who haven't been to the beaches in some time, I hope these photos are useful.   For anyone, they can be shared with others. I have used both thumbnails and full-size photos. You can save in either or both formats, of course, and then e-mail them.

dunes.jpg (150653 bytes)Looking north from 11th Avenue S.             2001/sbeach_s.jpg (1461 bytes)Looking south from 11th Avenue S. 

Sunrise       sunrise1.jpg (143833 bytes)         2001/sunrise2.jpg (168778 bytes)


arcade.jpg (180233 bytes)This was once the penny arcade on the boardwalk   

1st Street N. skate.jpg (127155 bytes)East side.     firstst.jpg (141426 bytes)    firstw.jpg (153896 bytes)On the corner was a drugstore


Two shots of buildings which were part of Fletcher HS when we were there.

class.jpg (149916 bytes)The classroom building just west of the gym  gym.jpg (161812 bytes)The gym. The "line" across the photo is part of a chain link fence.



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