Fletcher and San Pablo Elementary in 1956, a photo taken from the inside cover the the 1957 Senator.  The building on the north side had just been built. San Pablo had opened in January, 1953; it faced 18th Avenue North. Students played in front of the building.

    Between the main Fletcher building and San Pablo one can see the athletic complex, such as it was. A close look reveals an oval track. The home team football stands housed a field house underneath; the visiting team used more primitive stands. By the 1958-59 school year, big, modern stands had been built and became the home team stands. The visitors moved across the way.

     The sparseness is striking. Unseen at the corner of 18th Avenue North and 3rd Street N. was the Bell Telephone building. Within a few years after this photo was taken, a shopping center was developed just south of the telephone building. It would take more years before there would be much development on 18th Avenue N. and along 3rd Street N.  Third Street, which ran in front of Fletcher, would be widened to four lanes by December, 1958.

    The photo below, which may have been taken in the late 1940s, shows an even more isolated Fletcher.

Thanks to Hank Wilkinson '60 for obtaining it.

This is from the Beaches-Leader calendar. Virgil Deane took this photo on July 24, 1950. One can't see 3rd St. N., of course. 

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