Aerial Photographs by Karl E. Holland (1919-1993)
Florida Photographic Collection from Florida Memory

Date : August, 1960.


The large street visible is 2nd Avenue N. That's the Playland [penny] Arcade on the ocean on the south side
of the street. On the NW corner was the Steak House; its parking lot takes up the corner space.



aerialb1960 (123K)
Beach Blvd. coming in at an angle, then Pablo Avenue, 1st Avenue, 2nd Avenue, the pier between 2nd Ave, and 3rd Ave.,
4th avenue and the end of the Boardwalk, an open space and then a hotel.

Taken south of Beach Blvd looking northwestward. Two motels in the left foreground, one hiding most of the other. In the next photo below
one can see both. One was the Sea Ranch. The Lifeguard station is a good landmark.

Looking west.

Looking towards the south giving a good view of south Jacksonville Beach.

Again, one can see that south Jacksonville Beach was not as populated.


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