Standing on the corner of 1st Avenue N. and 1st Street N, one saw The Dallas Shop (casual wear) on the left at #104 1st St. N. street. At the corner was the Gromac Company which sold gifts and records. In 1955, Patsy's Pizzeria & Restaurant was at #110 1st St. N. Further along at #122 1st  N. was Parkinson's Cameras; at #124 was Newberry Jewelers. The Anchor Shop was at #126; the Vinagene Beauty Shop was next door. At #201 on the corner with 2nd Ave. was Cotton's Beach Toggery. Also in the 200 block were the Beach Gift Center (#204), Norman Minchew Real Estate (#206), Beach Barber Shop (#208), Jeter's Family Shoes (#212 ), Howard's Garage (#218), and across the street Paula Jean's (sportswear) at #215 and the Renee Shops (dresses, sportswear) at #229. At #234 was one of the three Bennett's Drug Stores. There was at least one bar (Millie's) on this east side of the street. At the SW  corner with 2nd Ave there was a drug store. On the NW corner at #314 there was the Steak House Restaurant. There is still a restaurant there. On the same west side, one came to the Theater Building which housed the Theatre Music Center, Tommy Highnotes Beach Barber Shop, and the Beach Theater.

        Across the street at #319 on the east side was The Morgan Company, a department store. Above the store was a  bowling alley; eventually this space became a  skating rink hall. At #327 was Smitty's Beach Club.

        The Beach Citizen newspaper was at 411 First Street N. Newspapers seem to come and go at the beaches. At 4th or 5th Ave. was the Hotel Wave Crest. On the ocean side one block from the Beach Theater, either 3rd or 5th Ave.,  was Perkins Motel.  

       Adkins Pharmacy was at #524 on the west side. The bus station was at 6th or 7th.  In the 600 block on the east side , there was a delicatessen on the corner. At #691, was the Casa Marina Hotel and Apartments. The Vagabond Motel was at #707.

        There were many motels at the beach. The Gay-Anna was located at 800 N. 1st St. and owned by a brother and sister.  The Sea View Motel was in the 900 block. 

        On the west side of the street at #1412 was the famous Strickland's Restaurant.

        There were fewer businesses on 2nd St. N although there were more than indicated here. At the NW corner with Pablo Avenue was Winn-Dixie (first called Winn-Lovett) grocery store.  On the east side of the street were Dunn's Decorators and Fabrics at #119 and Firestone at #131. Louie Badger Furniture occupied #202 and Proctor's Hardware was in the next block at #300. Further north at the corner of 3rd Avenue N. was Bill's Drive-In. Some blocks north were  the Angler's Club Apartments owned by John Perkins at #828 and Phillip's Paint & Floor Covering at #832.

        North Third Street (A1A) had many businesses. At the NW corner of 3rd and Pablo Avenue was the Mason Lumber Company. For a time, at 10 N. 3rd was the Ocean Beach Reporter. Across the street on the east side was Swift 1-Hour Cleaners at number 11. One block north at #111 was the McNeill Insurance Agency (at least in 1955). In the 200 block there were the Beach News & Advertisers (at #220. Newspapers seem to come and go and this business may not have always been there), Maggie's Hair Fashions (#222), and Tom Ellis State Farm Insurance (#224). J & W Motors Co. was at #304. On the corner was Webb's Groceries and Meats. Skipping up several blocks, one encountered Bob's Launderette at #610 and, across the street at #629, Vona's Seafood and Poultry Market. Cole's Drive-In Cleaners was at #635. By 1958, Futch's Phillips 66 service station was at the corner with 6th Ave. N. across the street from Capitol Paint store, run by Emory Dalton. Beach Methodist Church occupied a large campus at 3rd and 7th Avenue. At 3rd Street and Ninth Avenue, there were professional offices on the SE corner (one was a dentist's office) and the A&A Shopping Center on the SW corner. There one could find Florida Properties, Inc. and the Beach Pet Shop (at #926), The Shoe Box, Buccaneer Shop with men's and boys clothing, and, with its entrance on 9th Avenue, a grocery store (which had charge accounts and delivery). Across the street at #929 was the Ahern Real Estate-Builder-Insurance Company. 

    Berry's Pharmacy was located at the corner of 3rd Street and 10th Avenue. On the west side at #1012 was Richard Hamilton Real Estate; another block north at #1104 was Ruth Clifton's Beauty Salon.  At  #1506 3rd Street N. was Porter's Service Station. At 16th Avenue North, there was a shopping center which had Bennett's Drugstore with a soda fountain and Colonial Grocery. On the east side at 16th  was a motel and Dr. McKay's office. At 17th Avenue was The Patio (a restaurant). At #1716 N. 3rd St was another Bennett's Drug Store.

    On the west side near 18th Avenue at #1825 was Bennett's Motel. On the SW corner of 18th Avenue was the Bell Telephone building. One the west side of North 3rd St from 18th Avenue to 20th Avenue/Seagate Avenue was Fletcher Junior-Senior High School. This photo from the 1957 Senator shows the school and the surrounding streets. Presumably, the photo was taken in late 1956 or early 1957.


        Starting at Beach Boulevard, there was a city park. Then Pablo Avenue. On the oceanfront was Perkins Hotel & Bath House. At the SW corner of First Street and Pablo Avenue was Arnot's Bakery at #100. The Arnot Building at #104 contained, in 1956, Dr. Elliot Jones, a dentist; Frank Lipscomb, an attorney; the  Beaches Credit Bureau; the photographer Armine Wood; Omer G. Curtis, an accountant; Taylor Industrial Equipment Company; Beach Secretarial Service; and F. D. Brennan, an attorney .  In the same building just north of it was Van H Priest Co. 5 and 10. And then the park.  Across the street from Arnot's was  Stewart Brothers' Pharmacy at #101-103, the Bamboo Bar at #111. At #107 was the Beach Federal Savings & Loan; at #115, Rulien's Beach Office Equipment. At #119, was Bennett's Drug Store. At 121-123 was Chao Hardware. The Chamber of Commerce occupied #124. Beach Bank was at #139. 

City Hall occupied the SW corner of Pablo and 2nd Street N. In the #200 block  were Winn-Dixie (#211), the Beach Garage (#213-221), the Jacksonville Beach Gas Company (#225), Benny's Snack Bar at #229. Beach Printing (#231), and, across the street at #234, O. K. Motors (which eventually sold VWs). There was a Western Auto on Pablo Avenue. At the corner of Pablo and 3rd was Rosalie's Bar. At #523 was McDougal Plumbing and Heating and at #527, the Jacksonville Beach Gas Company. West on 6th or 7th St. N was the Beach Laundry & Dry Cleaners.

        On 1st Ave. N at the corner with First Street was McNamara's (clothing). McDuffie Jewelers was there. At #119, there was  Hammock's Shoe Service; at #121, Neal's Style Shoppe  (women clothing); and at #125, Deane's Studio and Camera Supplies. Across the street were The Little Shop (children) (#128), Hampton's Hobby Harbor in 1957 (#132), and McNeill Insurance (#136). In the 200 block were Avery and Wilson Insurance and Real Estate (#213 ) and Pyatt & Company Real Estate (#220). Between the ocean and 1st St. at #14 was the Beach Bootery. The Christian Science Reading Room and the First Baptist Chruch were on 2nd Ave. N. as was the Flamingo/Setzer's Food Store at #221-223; I believe that it had several names. On 3rd Ave. N. at #10 was Frank Broughton Photography. Up one block west at #118 was Marie McGahan's Flower Shop. The Wavecrest Apartments fronted on N. 1st St and 4th Avenue N. In the 200 block of 4th Avenue N were A-1 Television Service (#217) and Ocean Auto Parts (#219).  At #216 was the Beach Amusement Company where one went to rent jukeboxes. Some of us bought used records there. The Sandpiper Hotel with its public swimming pool was on the ocean at 5th Avenue. In the 200 block of 6th Ave. N, there were a laundromat at #215 (called Butler's in 1958 and Unkel's in 1959), at #232, Thompson Radio and TV Service (in 1955, Dunn's Fabric Shoppe) and across the street at #233, Murphy Paint and Floor Covering. The A & P Grocery Store was on 6th Ave. N. On 7th at  #318, there was the Post Office  (moved there in 1957 or 1958).  Coles Drive-in Cleaners was also on 7th. On 9th Ave. N, there was the A&A shopping center,  Arnold's TV Service at #319, Frazier's Florists at #325 (in 1955, it was at 6th Ave and 3rd St N., and, on the other side of the street, Smilie's Paints-Glass at #330 in the A&A Shopping Center, Craig Displays (Signs and Silk Printing) at #332, and McClure Electric next door at #334. Eddies Tackle Shop moved to 9th Ave. N. and 3rd St. N in 1955; it sold a variety of things including RC Televisions.

    At #11 on  12th Avenue N. was Ryan's Sea-Home Apartments.  Much further west near Penman Road was the WJVB [which became WZRO] radio station.  

    On the ocean at #11 N. 15th Avenue was the Sea Shell Restaurant.

    On the ocean at #39 N. 17th Avenue was Sams Apartments. At 3rd St. N, was Al Gruber's One-Hour Cleaners.  One block north on N. 18th Avenue were the Fran-Cha Motel & Apartments (#20) and the Sir Charles Motel (#35).


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