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Sylvia COCORAN Vetter

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     After I graduated from high school my mom and dad had two more children!!! That made 4 Corcoran girls and 1 Corcoran boy. I went to work as a medical secretary, switched to medical transcriptionist (hospital dictation of doctor reports, as history and physicals, discharge summaries, consultations, and operative reports (my favorite). I did not marry until I was 29; did not have any children, although I enjoy everyone else's! First marriage ended by choice. Second marriage to Bob Vetter, a sailor from New York City--a wonderful guy. We lived in Philadelphia for a while and then came back to "The Beaches." I have gone from a shy, quiet girl to a very outspoken person! Don't ask me my opinion I will be sure to tell you! (Ask Miriam). We have 5 cats and 2 dogs. We have many friends and adopted families--I have 11 "adopted grandchildren" and we enjoy them all! I have stayed in touch with Georgia Brackett (Atlanta), Lynn Collins (Virginia), and run into others. Best wishes to all! Sylvia

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