Band trip to Silver Springs

On a glass bottom boat.

Contributed by Harley Henry, '55


1952-53 Band. 

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Left to Right Seated:  George Notter,  Harley Henry, Douglas Bartle, Bootsie Wilson, ?, Joanne Joanides, Roberta Wannamaker, Betty Mann,  Joe Sasser,  Marilyn LaVigne, Elenora McKenzie,   Jim Williamson, G.W. Hartley, Hugh Rawls, ?


 Standing 2nd row:  June Nelson, Barbara Sydenham, Dick Kirby, Joan McGinnis, Tommy Crankshaw,   Bob Clark, Worley Faver, James "Porky" Lovett, Lucy Turner, Billie Warren. ?, ?.  Roger Porter.  Bill Collie, Leo Mack,  ?, Bruce Clark,  ?,  David Conway, Luanne Medlock, David Fogg, David Fox, Quay Bentley, B.J. Strickland. 

The two standing in very the back row on the left are Ronnie Parsons and Tommy Thompson.   


Center Back row standing:  Tommy Robinson,  Howell Sasser, Lloyd Krestensen, ?, Benny Borden, ?.
Band Director, Mr. Esslinger  
Majorettes:   Fay Mickler, Sara Ann Clark, Ruth Noakes, Barbara Moore, Martha Compton, Jane McClure, ?, ?.
Lucy (Turner) Walker, Class of 55

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