After graduating from Fletcher, I went to Florida State University. Married in 1960 and had two sons. I kept going to school at Jacksonville University and finally at the University of Florida. I started teaching arts and crafts classes at the University of Florida student union in 1966. I retired from the University of Florida as a graphics artist on June 30, 2003. 

After being a single parent for 6 years, I married again in 1974. The family increased to four children. After 21 years of marriage I am single again. My children are all grown and married. I have 3 granddaughters. The oldest, Jamie is now 20 years old. Had a great time doing all the grandmother things with her since she lived in Gainesville. The two youngest are just 3 months and 14 months old. These are my oldest son, Peter's children. Peter is a medicinal chemist with Abbott Drug Company. Peter and his wife, Kathy and the babies live in Libertyville, Ill. I visit as often as I can. I do love Chicago except for the winters. My son, Mark works in Louisiana. Son, David and his wife, Kim live in Gainesville. My only daughter, Rebecca and her husband, Mike just moved back to Gainesville. She graduated from the University of Florida in finance and accounting.

I now have switched roles and have my mother and my aunt living with me. Sometimes I feel like we are the "Golden Girls." Really did hate having to sell my mother's house at the beach. Besides working at the University I make batik pillows and wall hangings. I am in a wonderful art co-op, the Gainesville Artisans' Guild-Gallery. When I retire I plan to do my art work full time. I have developed a greeting card line which I sell through the Guild.

I stay pretty busy all the time. I do have fun with a very large basset hound named Zoe and a very active Welsh Corgi, named Yodora. Yodora and I are doing the agility classes for dogs. Great fun and lots of exercise! ! Hope to see everyone at the next reunion.