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Ed Smith, Humorous Storyteller  (April 21, 2016)

"The Two Martin G. Williams, 1887-2010 " (April, 2016) 

"Eyewitness Account of the Sinking of the SS GulfAmerica, 1942"

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World's Finest Beach (2006).

World's Finest Beach: A Brief History of the Jacksonville Beaches (Charleston and London: The History Press, (2010).

I've Been Working on the Railroad (2012).

Mayport Chronicles

"Neptune Beach, Florida Before 1931", (2006).

"A Man and Three Hotels", (2006).

"Harcourt Bull's Atlantic Beach, Florida," (2007).

"WWI Veterans: Jacksonville Beaches & Mayport," (2007, Revised 2008).

"Baseball on the Beach: Sea Birds, 1952-54,"(2008).

"Florida's Napoleon", (2008).

"Carnival on the Boardwalk" (2009).

"Mighty Mayport Florida Beats Jacksonville," (2009).

"Uncovering African American Micro History" (2010).

"Yankee Engineer in Florida", (2010).

"Beach Builder: B. B. McCormick”, (2012).

"What A Man! John G. Christopher," (2012).

"Yankee Engineer in Florida: Frederick William Bruce," The Southern Genealogist's Exchange Quarterly, Vol. 53, No. 221, March 2012.

"Pablo Beach 1910", (2013).

"Le Chateau Restaurant, 1954-1985" (2013).

"Arnot's Bakery & Restaurant" (2013).

"Ode to Coach Wimpy Sutton" (2013).

"Casa Marina Hotel, 1924-2014" (2014).

"Gene Zapf (1894-1948), Jacksonville Beach Entrepreneur" (2014).

"Bennett Beach Drug Stores" (2014).

"The Alpha O. Paynter Mystery"(2014).

"Arthur G. Penman: Real Estate Baron & Fisherman" (October, 2015).

"Ruby of Ruby Beach, Florida," (September, 2015).

"Casa Marina has weathered test of time," The Beaches Leader, August 6, 2015, excerpts from "Casa Marina Hotel, 1924.-2014" (2014).

Elsie Behner's Scrapbook, 1937-42(July, 2015).

Gene Nordan, An Entertaining Man May, 2015.

From the Beginning—Atlantic Beach, EU Jacksonville (July, 2015).

"Princess to Pauper: The Legend of Elizabeth P. Stark" (January, 2015)

Walter Thomas Galvin , Locomotive Fireman (April, 2015)

Mayport's King House—Haunted? (February, 2015).

"Ocean Piers, An Illustrated Chronology" (December, 2015)

"The Two Martin G. Williams, 1887-2010"  (April, 2016)

Ed Smith, Humorous Storyteller  (April 21, 2016)

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