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My son Arthur graduated from Friends School in Baltimore and went to Penn State. My husband, Howard, is an astronomer with the Hubble Space telescope.   We live in Cockeyville, Maryland. 

It was wonderful to click on Lost Classmates on the internet and find us listed! Even more wonderful was a chance to visit with Leigh who now lives in New  Hampshire. I stayed overnight with her and husband Loel coming and going from a meditation retreat at a Buddhist center in Vermont a few weeks ago.
   We got out the old year book and looked at everyone's pictures and talked  about what she knew of everyone since then. My heart goes out to those of you who have lost children, parents, siblings and friends over the years and to the memory of classmates who have died.
    Since leaving Florida I graduated from Vassar, and the University of  Michigan with degrees in Astronomy, taught college for awhile in Canada and then returned to the US to marry my husband and move to Louisiana where he spent 17 years teaching at LSU. I switched to geology, pursued a Master's for awhile but ended up working for the state as an environmental geologist before finishing my degree and never did finish it. Arthur was a somewhat unexpected surprise at 41 so I was pleased to have an excuse to stay home while he was young when Howard took a job up here. I have since retooled as a school teacher and have taught (part-time) science education to would-be teachers at Towson University for the last ten years.
     I got into meditation about 25 years ago to help deal with depression and have done a lot since, enough to decide to become a Buddhist. I'm active with a group here in Baltimore..
     Hope to see all of you at our next reunion and hope that anyone who is coming this way will stop and visit.   

Judy Robinson Bond
Address: 9615 Labrador Lane
Cockeysville, MD 21030       410-561-0571

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