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Books and Monographs

Mayport Chronicles (HTA Press, 2015), with Dyle R. Johnson.

I've Been Working on the Railroad (HTA Press, 2012).

World's Finest Beach: A Brief History of the Jacksonville Beaches (Charleston and London: The History Press, 2010).

World's Finest Beach (HTA Press, 2006).

Colonial Latin America (Coral Springs, FL: Llumina Press, 2002).

The Latin American Narcotics Trade and U. S. National Security. Westport: Greenwood Press, 1989. (editor and contributor of three chapters). Also at

The Mexican University and the State: Student Conflicts, 1910-1971. College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 1982.

The Mexican University and the State: Student Conflicts, 1910-1971. College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 1982. Electronic edition published by NetLibrary, 2000.

Neighbors--Mexico and the United States: Wetbacks and Oil. Chicago: Nelson-Hall, 1981, with Robert J. Shafer.

Neighbors--Mexico and the United States: Wetbacks and Oil. Mississippi State, MS: Historical Text Archive, 1997. An electronic reprint with additional texts, photographs, maps, and hyperlinks. Found at

The 1929 UNAM General Strike. Milwaukee: Center for Latin America, University of Wisconsin, 1980.

Mexico's Acción Nacional: A Catholic Alternative to Revolution. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 1973. Also at

Articles, Book Chapters, and Scholarly Reviews

"Ponte Vedra Pioneers, 1934-40" (October 12, 2016)

Turning Sand into Gold  (July 25, 2016)

Ed Smith, Humorous Storyteller (April 21, 2016)

The Two Martin G. Williams, 1887-2010" (April, 2016)

"Ocean Piers, An Illustrated Chronology" (December, 2015)

"Arthur G. Penman: Real Estate Baron & Fisherman"(October, 2015)

"Ruby of Ruby Beach, Florida," (September, 2015)

"Casa Marina has weathered test of time," The Beaches Leader, August 6, 2015, excerpts from "Casa Marina Hotel, 1924-2014" (2014).

Elsie Behner's Scrapbook, 1937-42 (July, 2015)

FROM THE BEGINNING—Atlantic Beach, EU Jacksonville (July, 2015)

Gene Nordan, An Entertaining Man  May, 2015.

Walter Thomas Galvin , Locomotive Fireman (April, 2015)

"Mayport's King House—Haunted?"   February, 2015

"Princess to Pauper" The Legend of Elizabeth Stark"   January, 2015

"Casa Marina Hotel, 1924-2014"   September, 2014

"Gene Zapf (1894-1948), Jacksonville Beach Entrepreneur"   July, 2014

"Bennett Beach Drug Stores"    June, 2014

"The Alpha O. Paynter Mystery"  (2014)

"Le Chateau Restaurant, 1954-1985"  (2013)

"Arnot's Bakery & Restaurant"  (August, 2013

"Ode to Coach Wimpy Sutton"   June, 2013

"Pablo Beach 1910" ,  June 2013

"Yankee Engineer in Florida: Frederick William Bruce," The Southern Genealogist's Exchange Quarterly, Vol. 53, No. 221, March 2012.

  "Beach Builder: B. B. McCormick" ,  HTA Press, March 2012

  "What A Man! John G. Christopher,"  HTA Press, March 2012

"Western and Central Europe, 475 CE – 1648 CE" ,   HTA Press, 2011

 "Portugal to 1974" HTA Press, 2011

  "Uncovering African American Micro History"    HTA Press, 2010

"Yankee Engineer in Florida"  HTA Press, 2010.

  "Mexican Snake: José López Portillo,"

"  Carnival on the Boardwalk," HTA Press, 2009.

"Mighty Mayport Florida Beats Jacksonville,"   HTA Press, 2009.

"Diderot's Encyclopedia,"   HTA Press, 2009.

"Baseball on the Beach: Sea Birds, 1952-54,"   HTA Press, 2008.

"Florida's Napoleon,"   HTA Press, 2008.

" WWI Veterans: Jacksonville Beaches & Mayport,"   HTA Press, 2007, Revised 2008.

When the Astors Owned New York,”   HTA Press, July, 2007.

Argentina, 1912-30,”   HTA Press, March, 2007.

Pinochet’s Legacy,”   HTA Press, March, 2007.

Love, Sex, and World War II,”   HTA Press. November, 2006.

"Harcourt Bull's Atlantic Beach, Florida,"     HTA Press, February, 2007.

"Neptune Beach, Florida Before 1931, "   HTA Press, October, 2006.

"A Man and Three Hotels,"   HTA Press, March, 2006.

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Additional Articles and Notes (Published on the Historical Text Archive)

Rock 'n Roll: The Beginnings

Cox Interview on Ace Records

Origins of Rock 'n Roll Revised Select Bibliography

Rock 'n Roll An Interview with Johnny Vincent of Ace Records

Vee-Jay Records & Ace Records

Portugal, The Colonizer of Brazil

Spain, 1492-1598

Ferdinand VII

Electronic Mail and Historians, 1991

History of the Historical Text Archive

Logging in as an Anonymous Guest

Venezuela, 1899-1999

19th Century Economies and Taxation in Latin America

19th Century Economy of Latin America

Democracy and Drugs in Central America (1988)

Gran Colombia and the United Provinces of Central America

Latin American Narcotics Trade and Hemispheric Security, The

Political Ferment in Central America, 1984

Nineteenth Century Peru

Social System in 19th Century Latin America

Travel in Latin America in 1920

Western Hemisphere Idea

Argentina and the United States Trade, 1914-45

Argentina at Independence--Geographical Issues

Argentina to 1890

Argentina's Military

Argentina, Brief Historical Notes Since 1930

Argentine Independence--Political Issues

Notes on Periods in Colonial Brazilian History

Defining the Argentine Nation

Brazil, 1821-1889


Brazil 1899-1964

Brazilian Slavery and Emancipation

Pedro I of Brazil

Chile: Allende's Rise and Fall

Chile: General History

Chile: Some Economic Data as of 1970

Colombia Since 1930


Notes on the Maya

Causation and the Spanish American Independence Movements

Conquest and Settlement Patterns

Conquest of Mexico

Conquest of Peru

Early Attempts to Organize an Empire

Economy in Colonial Spanish America

Epidemic Disease

European Background to the Discovery of America

Government and Law in Spanish Colonial America

How Battles Were Won [Conquest of America]

Las Casas, Bartolomé de

Latin American Colonial Transportation

Generalizations about Latin American Independence

Latin American Independence Politics & Government

Men of Panamá

Military Aspects of Latin American Independence

Notes on Latin American Independence

Notes on Spanish Imperial Defense of Latin America

Period of Imperial Crisis

Principal Problems of the Conquest and Initial Colonization

Revolt of Haiti

Society in Colonial Spanish America

Some Late Colonial Changes of the Spanish Bourbon Monarchs

Spirit and Letters of the Spanish Colonial Period

Structure of the Spanish Colonial System

Costa Rica in Brief

Cuba & Batista, 1952-59

Cuba in the 19th Century

Cuba, 1902-1925

Cuba, 1934-52

Cuba, 1934-52

Machado, Gerardo (President 1925-1933)

Revolution of 1933 [Cuba]

US Military Dictatorship in Cuba, 1898-1902

Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo and the Roosevelt Corollary

El Salvador in the 1980s

Nicaragua, 1909-1933

Nicaragua and US Intervention

Acquisition of the Panama Canal

Crossing the Isthmus of Panama before the Canal

Panama's Policy Toward the U.S. Living With Big Brother

US-Panamanian Relations Since 1903

History of Jalisco [Mexico]

Orozco, José Clemente (1883-1949)

Pre-Columbian People in Mexico Until 800 AD

UNAM Student Strikes, 1929-1968

The Sonora Dynasty, 1920-1934

Cárdenas Regime, 1934-1940

Calles, Plutarco Elías (1877 -1945)

Cárdenas del Río, Lázaro (1895-1970)

De la Huerta, Adolfo (1881-1955)

Escobar, General José Gonzalo

Garrido Canabal, Tomás

Mexican Anticlerics, Bishops, Cristeros, and the Devout during the 1920s: A Scholarly Debate

Mexican Oil and Nationalism

Ocaranza Carmona, Fernando (1876-1965)

Portes Gil, Emilio, and the 1929 National University Strike

Puig Casauranc, José Manuel (1888-1939)

Reyes, Alfonso (1889-1959)

Sáenz Garza, Aarón (1891-1983)

Economy and Taxation in the 19th Century Mexico

French Intervention and Maximilian

Gómez Farías, Valentín (1781-1858)

Lerdo de Tejada, Miguel (1812-1861)

Liberals and Conservatives in the 19th Century

Mexico, 1821-1836

Miramón, Miguel

Notes on Liberals and Conservatives, 1855-1876 [Mexico]

Notes on the 19th Century [Mexico]

Ocampo, Melchor (1814-1861)

Romero, Matías (1837-1899)

Santa Anna, Antonio López de (1794-1876)

The Setting for the 19th Century [Mexico]

Background to Mexican Independence

Mexico Stages of Independence, 1808-21

Mier y Terán, Manuel (1789-1832)

O'Donojú, Juan

Mexico, 1940-76

1968 Mexican Student Movement, The


1982 Mexican Financial Crisis

Mexico in 1989

Mexico in 1990

Mexico in 1991

Changing Models of Mexican Politics A Review Essay [1976]

Father of A Mexican President: Luis Calderón Vega

Fox Quesada, Vicente (2000-2006)

Díaz, Porfirio (1830-1915)

Pacheco, Carlos (1839-1891)

Partido Democrático [Mexico]

Partido Liberal Mexicano


The Beginning of the End Porfirio Díaz

The Porfiriato

Convention of Aguascalientes, 1914

Angeles, General Felipe, Jr.

Notes on Carranza and the Fighting

Carranza, Venustiano, and the Convention of Aguascalientes

Comments on the [Mexican] Revolution

Díaz, Félix (d. 1945)

Fierro, Rodolfo

Generalizations on the [Mexican] Revolution

González, Abraham

Hill, Benjamín G. (1874-1920)

León de la Barra, Francisco

León de la Barra, Francisco and Madero, Francisco I. (1911-1914)

Murguía, Francisco

Notes on the Mexican Revolution

Obregón, Alvaro (1880-1928)

Orozco, Pascual (1882-1915)

Querétero Convention of 1916 and the Constitution of 1917

Reyes, Bernardo (1850-1913)

Trans-Mississippi West, 1860-1890

1789-1801, Federalists

1801-1825, Jeffersonian Republicans

1815-30 Rise of the National Market Economy

1815-50, Transportation Revolution,

1820s, Decade of the

1829-1841, Jacksonian Politics

1830-40, Reform and Romanticism

1836-48 Texas and Mexican American Wars

1840-1852 Sectional Conflict

1843-1857, Economy

1850-61, Politics,

1864-77 Reconstruction in the South

1865-1893, Triumph of Industry in the United States

1865-75 Reconstruction in Mississippi

1868-97 Gilded Age Politics Conservatism Triumphant

1754-1775, Coming of the Revolution

1775-1783, US Independence

1780-1789 , United States

1861-65 Civil War

1814-1920: The US and Expansionism Abroad

1890-1900: US Foreign Policy

1895-1959: Inter-American Relations, Notes on

1898: Cuban-Spanish-American War

1898:US Intervention in Cuba

1903-59: US and Cuba

1903: Acquiring the Panama Canal

1953-73, Foreign Policy

1959-2004: Policy Towards Cuba

Good Neighbor Policy

Bibliography on the US, Latin America, and Drugs (Citations no later than 1990)

Low Intensity Conflict and the War on Drugs

Notes on the US and the Panama Canal

Role of the Military in the War on Drugs in the Caribberan Basin

The Latin American Cocaine Trade

The Military and the War on Drugs in the Andes

Theodore Roosevelt's Latin American Policy

US-Latin America Relations Through 1822

Neptune Was Neptune Before 1931

A Man and Three Hotels

Notes on the African-American Civil Rights Struggle in 1963-65

Vietnam War

First World War—US Participation

World War II and the United States

1909-1917, Progressivism

1950-2000, Family Income Distributions

1900 Statistics

1901-1908, Teddy Roosevelt and the Progressive Era

1919-41 Prelude to WWII

The 1920s

1922 Teachers' Salaries

1929 Family Income Distribution

1929-33 Great Depression and Herbert Hoover

1929-41 The Depression and the New Deal

1941 Cost of Living Indicators

1945-1952, Post WWII

1953-1961 Eisenhower Years

1960-1970, Private Homes in the US

1963-69, LBJ's Domestic Policy

1968, Government and Private Enterprise

1969-1974, Nixon Years

1977-1981, Carter Administration

Family Income, 1936 and 1962; Median Family Income; Federal Minimum Wage, 1938-97

Great Society Legislation

Home Ownership by States, 1920

Retail Food Prices, 1913,1914, 1924, 1925, 1976, 2002

Student Rebellion in the Sixties

United States Income, 1914, 1924



Tlaloc, Aztec Calendar stone, Mayan stele in The Native Americans CD-ROM (Torrance, CA: Image Smith, 1995).

Shockwave Flash movie, August, 1999, done by Movimiento52, a Mexican print journal.

Six historic photos of Mexico City published in Cartouche, Architectural & Design Review of the NewSchool of Architecture [San Diego, CA] (July, 1999), 8-9.


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