Duncan U. Fletcher Jr.-Sr. High School, 1937-1966
The Beaches on the Jacksonville Florida Coast

Books by Fletcher Graduates:

Andrew Estaver, Mimi's Ambush. Set at the Beaches,

Bill West, '58, Blue Texas     Camel to Moses, West Texas in the 1800's
Nath Doughtie, '55, All Rise   
Ralph Sistrunk '43, The Jury's Back  
G. W. Reynolds, Jetty Man Series      Jetty Man preview
Dan Anderson '63, Bad Vibrations, Death Cruise
Gary Noesner '68, Stalling for Time.
Donald J. Mabry '59, World's Finest Beach: A Brief History of the Jacksonville Beaches . See vita for the other six.
John L. Owens '61,
The Ninth Generation: Conquering the Giants

Books About The Beaches
Ed Smith, Them Good Ole Days   (online)
Jack Pate, Florida's First Coast: A History in Images   
Maurice J. Robinson, Ponte Vedra Beach: A History
Joe Abb Overby, Acres Aweigh!

Web Articles about the Beaches by Don Mabry:
Neptune Beach Before 1931
Harcourt Bull's Atlantic Beach
A Man and Three Hotels
Beaches Veterans in WWI
Florida's Napoleon
Mighty Mayport
Baseball on the Beach: The Sea Birds, 1952-54
Carnival on the Boardwalk
Yankee Engineer in Florida

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